Good Morning Food Lovers! 

I woke up this morning thinking about avocados. Delicious and versatile. Creamy and filling. Just plain ol' GOOD. I decided to read about them, and found some fun facts about them. We shall start with 5 general facts, then once I create some recipes, we can get down to business. 

1. Avocados are a round or pear-shaped fruit found from a tropical tree in Central America.

2. Avocados were once referred to as "alligator pears." (That really tickled me!)

3. There are many uses for avocados, but two well-known items are guacamole, or sliced in halves and then stuffed with seafood. (Totally a good idea.)

4. Avocados have a buttery consistency and are ripe when the fruit gives slightly under the pressure of the finger.

5. Avocados begin to brown quickly when exposed to the air, so they are usually prepared at the last minute.

Be Well,

The Smitten Chef