Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks


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Rich-Girl Fitness: Part 2

Rich-Girl Fitness: Part 2


Welcome back ladies- thank you for joining me again.  We are on part two of the discussion about “Rich-Girl”Fitness. Part one can be found by clicking here…outside of that information, let us dive right in!

We have already declared:

  1. Having a body and wanting to be healthy.
  2. Lacking motivation half the time to get up in the morning.
  3. Not having any money, or any time.

Today’s focus will be on  “workouts that can be done outside of a gym when one can’t afford a membership.”

Can’t afford a membership/don’t want a membership. I have experienced both. The gym can be a scary place. (At least it is to me.) It took me years to get into a gym and I am currently not a member anywhere. Any who, I want to share my workout. It’s short, sweet and to the point. I have been doing the same routine for the past 10-15 years and aside from upping my repetitions/weights, or adding new exercises out of curiosity/studying fitness, these are my go-to moves.

  1. Walking: I love being outside! It’s a great place to be. I can’t say I have always sought out walking everyday, but do now. It soothes my soul and spirit. Nature greets me, the temperatures are nice and three laps around the neighborhood is equivalent to 30 minutes. During the winter months I peek my head outside, smell the air and jog in place…inside. Instead of 30 mins, I jog for 15 minutes. Then I open the door again, take a deep breath of the outside world, and feel I have walked outside. Problem solved.    Feel free to switch up the outdoor activity to something you enjoy doing. Ride a bike, hula-hoop, kick a soccer ball, etc. I started with walking because I had health concerns and needed to get my body moving without added pressure.
  2. Indoor Workout: 
    1. 25 Squats
    2. 25 PushUps
    3. 25 Calf Raises
    4. 25 Sit Ups/Crunches
    5. 25 Arm Curls using a vegetable can in each hand.                                                                I started off doing less than 25 in certain workouts, but 25 became my target number. I try to do walking and indoor workouts in the same day, but starting off wasn’t all that successful. So one day I would walk, the next day workout indoors. As long as I was getting 30+ minutes of exercise I was fine. The point was to start. The point for me is to always start, because somedays I do not wake up excited to workout…but I do. And so can you! 


I hope this segment helped or gave you or someone you know some ideas. A word of caution is to consult with a physician if you can/feel you should. I am not one. Just a woman who has found some ways to assist in an area I love, so here I am.  Let me know if you have and questions or concerns. Our finale, part three will cover a large portion of the quote which says, “Show me diets and workouts that I can manage when I’m working 13 hour days and living on a budget. Show me how to eat healthy when I have 5 minutes for lunch. Show me small things I can do to help my body.” We will stick with our theme of keeping it simple. Until next time, friends!

To Wellness,

The Smitten Chef


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