Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks


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A Daily Dose of Happy

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Good Morning Food Lovers!

It's 6:30 am on the dot.

Also known as early o'clock. :)

I've been up since 3:30. Not by choice initially, but because the wind was whipping so loudly I had to wake up and listen to it. 

Around 4:15, the television came on. It was the news. 

I don't normally listen to the news. Not that early. I have a morning routine I do before reaching out to humanity. Since I had 45 minutes of wind whispers, I welcomed the news.

And for the next 45 minutes, my heart broke. I did not hear one positive news report. 

Not one. 

"This is not how I want to start my day," I thought to myself. "This hurts."

I'm sure a lot of people don't want to start their day off with so much heaviness; but that doesn't mean they want to be misinformed or ignore what is going on locally and globally...or even miss the weather/traffic report. The news is necessary; but surely there's something GOOD happening locally and globally too! Something worth reporting. 

*Drum Roll Please*

An immediate and urgent desire to be a part of sharing goodness going on in the world has taken over my thoughts. I asked my Facebook family if I posted or found some good news everyday and shared it, would they tune in? (I'm hoping at least one person says yes!) It's been one hour and I have a decided heart that I'm going to begin today! I keep telling everyone to listen carefully to when their soul cries, and mine is telling me this is a good idea. I believe in finding your own personal level of happy and walking in that as often as possible. I'm smitten for many subjects, I enjoy sharing and I think there are many positive things to focus on, express and showcase. 

So just like the news, I would love to report back to you my findings. A quote, a picture, a full-blown story. The possibilities are endless! The purpose is to find and share inspirational vitamins that can be taken daily, so that we can maintain and find some happy in the daily grind of life. Are you in? 

I sure hope so! I'll know more as the day progresses, but in order to build we must first START. 

To Wellness,

The Smitten Chef

Below I have attached one of my favorite poems titled, "Promise Yourself" by Christian D. Larson. It's always a hit and a great reminder on how to live your best life. Feel free to print it out and place it where you will SEE it! 

Promise Yourself Poem 2018 JPEG.jpg
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Aligned April: Vision Board Love

Aligned April: Vision Board Love

You Are More Than Enough!