Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks


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Aligned April: Vision Board Love

Aligned April: Vision Board Love

Good Morning My Food Lovers!

Happy Monday :) 

It's 2 am and I'm up redoing my vision board. There's wonderful jazz music playing in the background and I'm nowhere near sleepy. Something about putting a vision board together really sets my soul on fire. I've been making them for years, and each one gets me closer to where I am supposed to be. It's one of those activities you just have to try and see for yourself, but they work! I remember being frustrated when I made my first few because "nothing happened." (So I thought.) I had to learn the hard way, that while my vision board was super cute and perfectly mapped out, it wasn't going to work unless I did. Not only that, but to the degree I BELIEVED in my dreams and goals is the degree they would come to life. 

Let that sink in, and serve as a life hack if need be. We'll talk more about the above later. 

It got to the point that for years, I stopped even putting pictures up and simply wrote words and quotes that made me get up and go DO what I wanted to come to life. I'm back to a even blend of pictures and words; and right next to it hangs a printed document with a list of my goals and action steps needed to make them come true. I check it off as I go and document the date I completed/achieved my goal. Then I celebrate my successes and go to the next goal...'cause hey, you're one step closer to the vision, right?! :)

In the spirit of having an #AlignedApril with my fellow Instagram crew, I can't shake the feeling of frustration of not having/searching for resources to keep me on track and focused. There's been plenty of times where I had to go through SO MUCH EXTRA WORK in order to find something so helpful and simple as a goal tracker. It's why I gave up and just started creating my own. (This is one of the few times I can thank my impatience for shining. Ha!) ANYWAY, I feel someone is in need of one, or doesn't know where to begin. I drummed one up and have included it below. Feel free to print it out and use it for yourself, or pay it forward and share with somebody you know. I'm all for helping and see everyone reach their goals and if I can be of good service, well, I will. I made blocks for 3 goals because I also feel if this is for someone new to vision boarding, goal setting and tracking, that 1-3 goals is perfect. There's nothing more daunting than beginning something new and having a life "to-do" list that's as long as The Great Wall of China. 

Here's to a wonderful week! Enjoy your journey. 


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