Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks


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Life Has a Crush on You!

Life Has a Crush on You!

A delightful piece of advice:

Author Unknown

Author Unknown

Good Afternoon My Food Lovers!

Woke up this morning with a song in my heart, unsure of how to sing it, but still declaring to sing loudly. While getting dressed, I saw a quote that read "Live in such a way that life itself has a crush on you." I felt this was my answer. Perfect timing. Divine response. I'll take it!

We all know how it is to have a crush on someone. Can't stop thinking about them. Want the best for them. Wake up happy and praying for their well-being and joy. I love having a crush on someone; it brings me to a special space where I commune with God and all things good in hopes that energy travels in their direction. Crushes bring about a natural high. 

Today, I took a moment and wrote down the first few thoughts that came to mind when I have a crush on someone. What I do, how I feel. Things like that. It went sort of like this:

  1. I think about them.
  2. I look my best around them.

  3. I flirt with my crush. 

  4. I give my crush a lot of my attention and time.

  5. I want the best for my crush. 


After that, I took everything I wrote about my crush, and flipped it around to align with the quote. I got so excited. WHAT IF LIFE DOES HAVE A CRUSH ON ME?  The answers followed:

  1. Life thinks about me! Often and in the sweetest of ways.              
  2. Life dresses up for me. By that, I mean life wears its very best for me and according to the events planned for everyday living. *Dressed to DANCE and DINE*

  3. Life flirts with me. Whispers sweet nothings to me. Encourages me. Dances with me. Dines with me. Feeds my soul and nurtures my spirit. Life loves me. Day in. Day out.

  4. Life gives me a LOT of attention and time. It is gentle with me...and when it becomes rough, life wraps its loving arms around me. Life takes good care of me...and in return, I choose to take good care of it.

  5. Life wants the very best for me! All days and in all ways. 

That felt good to write. Now, knowing life really does have a crush on me, would I behave any differently to keep its attention? 

Would You?

Today, I welcome you to take a moment and place yourself in a space where you are in complete alignment with what living and crushin' on life looks and feels like to YOU. Then I challenge you to walk in that space and hold that energy and vibration each and everyday for as long as possible. If you need a boost, remember what it's like to grab and hold the attention of your crush. :) 

The Life You Want, Wants You Too. 

To Wellness,

The Smitten Chef

Below is a copy of the PDF I created as an outline to answer the questions. Feel free to print and answer for yourself. Enjoy! 

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