Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks


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Order Up: Meaningful March!


"Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon." (full moon vibes tonight)

Hi There My Food Lovers!

I wanted to send you and your families some love and light. I went to write the date today and realized it is March. February flew past! How was your month?

My February was great. Why you ask? Because I learned so much! I got to learn about other people, from other people, study other cultures, try new foods and share food and cooking with others; and write! I've been writing more personally and professionally. Work and school have been in complete alignment with the other and I've been listening to my Soul Cries. February is a month of Superbowl parties, Valentine Love and Black History. Since the first two areas are not my forte, I chose to pick a sport and practice full blown self care and love. The kind of love you give to yourself without telling others or advertising...or asking for permission to do that which sets your soul on fire! I also concluded there isn't a sport I don't like, so it was hard to choose one. I ended up focusing on athletes and their stories. I love a good story and learning what makes a person who they are.

All of February has been filled with intentions and focus. Setting a foundation (and plates) for the upcoming months. Every month I challenge mySelf to something. This month it will be to have a Meaningful March. In listening carefully to my Soul Cries, I have a decided that everything I do or say be of importance and align with my purpose and my vision...and to remain quiet when it is not! (This is the key to intentional living: listening then doing) You see it is in the silence that we can hear everything. Answers unfold. Words speak. Details are revealed. People's behaviors and silent thought about you come to the light. Many things happen in silence, and even greater things come to pass when we take the time to listen and follow through with what is shown to us. Today I invite you to join me in this challenge.

Choose a goal, or a piece of your vision and position yourself to be in full alignment with it. Dare to dream and create! Dare to go above and beyond what is asked of you. Dare to be courageous and unapologetic in the pursuit of your passions! Share your talents. Create a sacred space. Write that book. Encourage someone who's been on your heart. Practice listening. Face reality even when it hurts and follow through with what is being whispered to you and through you. I challenge you to make everyday meaningful to you. My prayer is that as the days go on and you walk with purpose that you feel and bask in the power and glow of your natural light.

I look forward to hearing your results and thoughts! Feel free to find me on Instagram/Facebook as we embark on these journeys together. I'll be posting as the spirit moves me :)

With Love,

The Smitten Chef


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Life Has a Crush on You!