Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks


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Rich-Girl Fitness: Part 1

Rich-Girl Fitness: Part 1


I would like to address the following quote about “Rich-Girl Fitness.” I’m not sure who the original writer is, I just know it is not me and I found it on a friend’s Instagram page. First of all, I want to say thank you to whoever wrote it for sharing your thoughts. Secondly, I did not feel the author of the quote wrote this to bash anyone else. I felt they were looking for solutions from people who could relate. Rich-girl fitness looks great online, but it’s not realistic for most women. So I wanted to share my thoughts and assist where I can as a food and fitness lover who understands.

Rich Girl Fitness


Just in case the photo does not show up on certain devices, the quote says:

“Honestly I’m so sick of seeing rich-girl fitness. Don’t show me pretty vegan smoothies in mason jars held by a girl with perfect makeup, a manicure, and a color-coordinated running outfit. Show me diets and workouts that I can manage when I’m working 13 hours days and living on a budget. Show me how to eat healthy when I have 5 minutes for lunch. Show me small things I can do to help my body. Show me workout plans that I can do outside of a gym when I can’t afford a membership. I don’t have time. I don’t have money. Half the time I don’t have the motivation to get up in the morning. But I have a body. I want to be healthy.”

I want to start from the end and work my way up to the top and break this quote into a few different blog posts, to stay on track. I can only speak for myself, but certain subjects intimidate me and I prefer reading things in sections to avoid brain overloads.

“But I have a body. I want to be healthy.” The greatest starting place is knowing what you want with anything. The question then becomes what does healthy mean to you? Is it losing a certain amount of weight? Is it gaining weight? Do you eat terribly everyday and are having a difficult time changing your eating habits but want to? Does healthy mean prevention of diseases? Consuming more fruits and vegetables in your diet? Do you have children and want to eat better as a family? I could go on with the list of reasons why a person wants to be healthy, but it is extremely personal and situational. When working with clients, I find the beginning place is figuring out what is trying to be accomplished, and then creating a plan for action. So give yourself a pack on the back for getting this far and dive deeper into what being healthy means to you!

“Half the time I don’t have the motivation to get up in the morning.” Again, a person’s reasons for lack of motivation vary, but the fact of the matter is we all need it. High doses, low doses. Midday shots of it. I support motivation as often as possible. I have yet to hear someone complain about “having too much motivation,” or “being encouraged too much.” When I was in need of deep motivation, I made it a point to figure out when I needed it the most (everyday) and noticed it was right before bed and definitely each morning. After that, I began looking for motivation everywhere. Quotes, people, nature, walking, blogs, books. EVERYWHERE it was available. It was all very helpful and once I noticed my spirits were down right before bed and upon waking up, I did 3 things:

  1. I wrote down an inspirational quote on a plain piece of paper and stuck it on my ceiling. No fancy designs- just the words on paper in large letters. The focus was seeing inspiration in the middle of an anxiety attack/nightmares or in the morning before the day got to me.
  2. I set my alarm, and changed the alarm name to a short quote. Wake up, see it…get to feeling better. (I have an iPad and the alarm itself can be found on the clock icon. There’s a tab titled label for each alarm and you can make it say whatever you choose.)
  3. I listened to soft instrumentals at night. From jazz music, to brain waves…I tried them all.

Hopefully this gets your brain jogging with quick and simple ways to incorporate bits of inspiration into each day.

“I don’t have time. I don’t have money.” Two very sensitive subjects. When it comes to time, in order to try new things or learn something new, one has to make time. There is no way around it. What I see happening often is people feeling the need to become an expert on whatever it is they are learning or looking to accomplish. Nope, all you need to do is be willing to take whatever time you have (or going to make) and try something in the general direction of your goal. For example, if your goal is to incorporate more fruit into your diet, start by making the decision to have one piece a day. Set an alarm as a reminder to have a piece or bring it with you to lunch. To save on money and the possibility of waste, buy one bag of fruit and have one piece everyday. There is no need to buy a variety of fruits the first week, or a blender because you “think” you might make smoothies, or read a nutrition book. I am not trying to be negative or come off as a jerk, I just notice the tendency to overcomplicate things. Especially new things and with food. Keep it simple. Buy some fruit, eat it. Repeat. The initial focus should be incorporating new habits into your life, without a complete shock to your system or budget.

Staying on subject and respecting the time concept of the quote, I will stop here. I hope these ideas are useful to you or somebody you know. The next blog will focus on workouts that can be done outside of a gym when one can’t afford a membership.

Until Next Time! 

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Rich-Girl Fitness: Part 2

Rich-Girl Fitness: Part 2

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