Thought Trails of a Smitten Chef: It's a Man's World?

One of the most misconstrued concepts is that of a woman with ambitious goals.

I believe this is where the phrase “life isn’t fair,” chimes in.

For if she desires rank or power, she is dreaming ‘too big.’ It ruffles the feathers of everyone who doesn’t understand…and doubles over as ‘too ambitious; you should give up and go work for the man’ to the ones who choose not to even try to get it.

If she fails, everyone laughs. Very few come to pick her back up.

Gossip swirls around her…

If she looses all her money, she’s called names. Piss poor manager, incompetent, air-headed, unreliable.

If she sells things herself, sex seems to automatically be attached to it. Even if sex is not once mentioned in a lick of advertising. Certain people assume the woman’s body to be their hobby or meal replacement.

When friends forsake her, it must have been her fault; for she should have never stepped out of certain bounds. Then mistakes “wouldn’t have happened to have lost friends.”

The world of business is interesting to say the least; and I am only interested in a select few.

It is because of all of the above reasons and more, and I have to speak up, for in every section of my journey, I have seen men do the very SAME things I have done and be praised.

They are dared to be greater than what they’ve been dreaming of. When the dream gets ‘bigger,’ more people flock to them and sing their praises.

When they fail, it is okay. “Such is life, get back up and try again.” No fuss about it. Just do. Even shown how to get back up.

If they are gossiped about, it is considered good. “Let people talk. You’re on to something.”

When money is lost, it is a part of the game. Keep playing. Learn to adjust to the rules is all that’s said.

Sex sells. Sex sells. Sex sells. Get some. High-Five.

When friends do them dirty, they were never your friends in the first place. They simply wanted your life. Move on and up.

I try not to make excuses for anything I’ve not done correctly. I am actually no longer even infuriated with the ways of this world. It is because everything can be viewed as a generalization of both sexes, with some truths tucked away per individual experience. The above have been mine, and instead of turning down my ambition because others are afraid of the volume, I choose to stay put and learn from the men and women who balance these ridiculous notions out. It has saved me time and prevented me from developing a hardened heart. Which by the way, is extremely important as a food handler and wellness curator.

What if I chose to remain bitter instead of getting better and served that negative energy into people’s food or mental space? I don’t want THAT to be my reputation; everything else can be worked out.

How on Earth is anyone supposed to succeed or feel successful if they stay trapped in a box built by other people who like to sit and watch others play? Or feel compelled to compete when all the goal should be is to level up and then bring others with you. It seems pretty off kilter to me to be the best and alone.

Or to be dragged down into the mud with lower vibrations than the direction one was ever headed.

I give thanks for the men and women who have already paved the way, delivered balance to my spirits and shown me HOW to get better. It makes truckin’ a hell of a lot lighter and easier on the mind, body and soul. Glow as you Grow, Baby. Glow as you Grow.

To Wellness and Forward Movement,

The Smitten Chef